SNA’s Special Sections Exchange Program is Now Underway!

For many suburban newspapers, special sections are relied upon to generate new revenue. While some of you publish only several special sections throughout the year, many of you publish more than 100. And, like your newspapers, special sections have not only been accepted by your readers, but are also now anticipated by them. Those of you who have been successful at producing these lucrative money-makers have created the ideal situation — a need for them among advertisers and readers.

But, where there’s a demand for one type of special section, there’s probably a desire for many others addressing a variety of subjects. This is why SNA is offering you an opportunity to participate in our FREE Special Sections Exchange Program. This program is available exclusively to SNA members and is already paid for as part of your annual dues — there is no cost to participate.

The attached list includes a variety of special sections published by SNA members around North America who have been kind enough to provide us with multiple copies for distribution to other members. You may select to receive up to 20 of these sections. SNA will ship them to you soon after receiving your order. Please note that we have limited supplies of each section and, as a result, we may not be able to send you all the special sections you order. Orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis until supplies last.

Simply complete the information requested on the attached page, place a checkmark next to those sections you would like to receive, and return the form and your list of selections to SNA Headquarters as soon as possible.

Remember: If you have extra copies of special sections that you’ve published and would like to share them with other SNA members, please send them to us. Thanks for your cooperation.

SNA Special Sections Exchange Program


SNA’s Special Sections Exchange is a FREE service available exclusively to SNA members. Please select no more than 20 special sections you would like to receive.

If you have questions, please call SNA at 312-644-6610. And remember, if you have extra copies of special sections you have published, please send them to SNA Headquarters so that we may include them as part of future exchange programs. Thanks for your cooperation.

Please note: Unfortunately, because we have only a limited quantity of some of the sections listed here, the selections you pick may not be available by the time you place your order. Many thanks to those SNA members who submitted these sections.