Borrell: Watch This Video Now

The following email was sent to clients of Borrell Associates. We thought it was pretty powerful stuff and wanted to share it with all SNA members. We encourage everyone to watch the video and share your feedback on our facebook page: I had previously sent this video link to a dozen or so SNA publishers and have been receiving feedback ever since. This one in particular sums it up best: “Nancy, I watched the Clark Gilbert one hour video yesterday and that’s all I have been thinking about for 22 hours. We have been working so hard to make incremental change and it is not going to be enough. He both scared the crap out of me and has kicked me in the butt to do more.”EMAIL RECENTLY SENT TO BORRELL CLIENTS:Dear Nancy Lane,

You may have seen this headline last week: “Gilbert: Only 1 in 10 ‘Old Media’ Will Survive.” It came from our mobile advertising conference in Dallas, and we’ve been bombarded with requests for Clark Gilbert’s presentation that generated it. Oddly enough, many came from attendees who already saw his presentation. One person came up to me afterwards and said it was the most enlightening and important presentation he had seen in his 25 years of attending media conferences and was eager to show it to his chairman and CEO.

If you want your company to be the 1 in 10 that survives, you might want to watch this video. It’s so important that we listed showing it to your key executives as the No. 1 priority our “Five Things to Do Next” conference summary.

Clark Gilbert

The presentation is by Clark Gilbert, a former Harvard professor who is CEO of Deseret Media in Salt Lake City. After less than a year on the job, he is already driving amazing results. We’re suggesting that you view the video, then schedule a 90-minute meeting with key executives — those at the very top — in your organization to view it in its entirety and discuss it.

I believe this presentation is that important.