Daily Report: SNA Foundation’s North American Innovation Mission

Friday Morning Report: Selling Video Advertising Packages

Meriel Bradley, Executive Producer, The Digital Video Group, Metroland Media.
Meriel Bradley, Executive Producer, The Digital Video Group, Metroland Media.

“Every client in your market should have a video.” These words of wisdom came from Meriel Bradley, Executive Producer, The Digital Video Group, Metroland Media, during one of the major aha moments of the entire Innovation Mission.

According to Bradley, “90% of consumers say that watching a video influences their buying decisions,” and “67% of Canada’s population viewed more than 5.6 billion videos online last year.”

Bradley came to Metroland with a background in TV and video and wowed attendees with a new product that she created called “ShopTalk.”

ShopTalk combines print, video, blogs and QR codes into a packaged buy. QR codes act as a bridge between print and digital experiences and “put product right in the palms of your customers’ hands.” The typical ShopTalk package includes a 60 second video; 12 print ads (one per month); and 12 professionally written blogs (one per month). Metroland employees shoot the video and write the blogs (smaller companies could hire independent contractors to do this work). The advertisers are free to use the videos and blogs in other areas as well (on their own web sites for example) although Metroland retains the ownership rights. When readers scan the QR codes into their phone, they are able to view the video.

The videos are informational in nature and generally do not include offers or deals. “Tips work best,” according to Bradley, such as a recent nursery owner providing tips about caring for hydrangeas.

Packages can be customized further to include multiple videos and more frequent print ads. Some customers are spending $10,000 – $30,000 per year on higher-level packages. The basic package is priced to sell and depending on the size of the print publication, might range from $350/month to well over $1,000.

The packages also include plenty of photos (taken while they are shooting the video) to include as visuals with the blogs. They have launched this product in their York Region (visit YorkShopTalk.com) and are in the process of rolling it out into other Metroland markets. They believe that the application can extend well beyond retail (health for example) and they plan to roll out other categories yet this year.

Innovation Mission attendees were excited about developing a similar strategy back home.

“ShopTalk was an aha moment

for me,” said Steve McHaney,

Co-Publisher/Vice President, Victoria Advocate.

“ShopTalk is definitely one of my top three take-aways from the entire trip” said Brandon Erlacher, Publisher, The Elkhart Truth.

SNA will certainly be following up on this exciting opportunity and will plan to feature more information at upcoming conferences and webinars.

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