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Robert Gordillo photo
Robert Gordillo, author of the Hispanic business plan.

By Nancy Lane
President, & Suburban Newspapers of America

Note: Much of the information contained in this article was produced by Robert Gordillo, author of the Hispanic business plan.

The U.S. Hispanic market is now over 46.9 million in population with purchasing power slated to clear $1 trillion in 2010. U.S. Hispanic purchasing power has grown at a rapid pace, more than doubling over the past two 10 year periods and has grown 100% since 2000, far outpacing that of non-Hispanic spending.

Many markets served by community media companies have a significant Hispanic population but few are able to reach this growing audience in an effective way. Those community media companies that want to do a better job reaching the Hispanic community in their markets should consider the hiring or contracting of Hispanic journalists and sales executives. A Spanish language option on your web site is also a terrific idea (although translation issues can be tricky). And be supportive of organizations and events that are organized by the Hispanic community (and be sure to cover them in print and online).

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