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Live from the WAN-IFRA Study Tour

By Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association

WAN-IFRAl photo
Study tour participants representing 9 countries and 4 continents visited with 15 different companies in Europe over 5 days to learn best practices in 360 advertising sales strategies.

Separation between advertising and editorial is extremely important in the U.K. but the two departments have found a way to work together when it comes to 360 selling strategies. Consider these two case studies:

From The Telegraph:

  • Telegraph Create was developed to produce multi-media, non-standard campaigns for advertisers. Two-three years later, the team consists of 50 FTE's and is the fastest growing segment of their business (growing at 20-30% per year).
  • Telegraph Create is "where brands, content and consumers meet"

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Live from the WAN-IFRA Study Tour

By Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association

WAN-IFRA Google photo

The WAN-IFRA study tour met with top executives from Google's Paris office yesterday to learn more about the various media partnership opportunities available. Much of the discussion focused on Google Currents.

Highlights of Google Currents product:

  • Currents takes feeds from publishers and presents the content in an easy to consume way (like a magazine)
  • They said to view this product as "in between your web site and app"
  • They view Currents as less restrictive and less expensive than news reading applications (Currents is offered for free; an Apple app can cost as much as $10,000)

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Live from the WAN-IFRA Study Tour

By Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association

WAN-IFRA France photo

The study tour hit Paris yesterday and included visits with three of the largest media houses (Le Figaro, Le Monde and 20 Minutes). In this highly competitive market we witnessed tremendous innovation.

Highlights include:

  • Digital accounts for 23% of total ad revenue at the two paid dailies and 10% at 20 Minutes.
  • All three just launched a social reader app on Facebook. They are able to monetize this by selling 2 premium spots (and keeping 100% of the revenue).
  • A great deal of attention is paid to the home page of their web sites. Be sure to check them out (, and They feature beautiful design with each taking a different approach.
  • All are making mobile a major priority and some are seeing as much of 50% of their traffic on mobile devices and tablets.

Stay tuned for more highlights soon.

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Live from the WAN-IFRA Study Tour

By Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association

From a fascinating presentation - Artur Kobryn, Managing Partner & Head of International, MediaCom International

MediaCom is a global agency with offices all over the world. They are number one in Germany and the U.K. and number three in the world. WPP is the parent company. Clients include: P&G, Universal Studios, Ikea, Bayer and many others. Kobryn addressed the changing media landscape:

  • Media fragmentation is not new and in fact, digitalization is increasing media consumption.
  • His advice to the industry, "stop talking about digital media - it is simply media". He reminded us that no one says "color TV" anymore.
  • The tablet is "the next best thing" -plan accordingly. "The world has turned into a screen." Print will stay relevant but will be adapted to tablets in the future.
  • According to Kobryn, free is the wrong model online. "Why give valuable content for free?"
  • Core challenge today is to create relevance for their clients. Advertisers are not interested in click through rates.

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Local Media Virtual Advertising Conference – July 24-25, 2012
FREE to Local Media Association Members

Local Media Association is adding a new member benefit this year. We understand that times are still tough and that training dollars are few and far between for many companies. We are responding to this reality by creating a two-day virtual advertising conference and it’s FREE to LMA members.
This new event will feature two half-day sessions focusing on sales and management.  All employees from LMA member companies are invited to join.

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Live from the WAN-IFRA Study Tour

By Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association

Highlights from visit with Axel Springer, Germany's largest media house:

  • They sell a lot of full page takeovers on their website. They sell this at a premium ($100,000 Euros/day across all sites) and they sell out every day.
  • Branding and performance campaigns are designed to significantly increase click conversion rates.
  • All of their products are available on mobile versions. They sell takeover and flip ads on the mobile home pages. The iPad is also very important and they have versions created specifically for tablets.
  • Mobile is still single digits but it is growing. They believe that "you must have state of the art opportunities on your mobile devices."

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September 11-14, 2012 – Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

The Future is Local
Disruption Presents Opportunities; Plan Now for the Long Term

An unbelievable program has been developed for this year's annual gathering of publishers and advertising directors. "It's simply our best program yet", said Nancy Lane, president, Local Media Association, "a must-attend for sure." Conference Chair Jennifer Parker (publisher & editor of CrossRoadsNews) added, "Participants will find long term solutions to grow their print, online and mobile business, and get to hear directly from publishers who are having successes right now." and committee member Pete Bakke (Director Digital Media, Wick Communications) said, "Terrific program. I sure would like to be in two places at once and attend every breakout session. They all sound great." The entire all-star committee is very excited about the program (see program for complete list).

More than two dozen media buyers have been invited to participate in the one-on-one meetings and already many of them have confirmed including representatives from Staples, Centro, Geomentum, Vertis/Lowes, Alloy Media, planitretail, Valassis & more. As always, these meetings are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis in order of when the conference registrations are received so register early and let HQ know of your intention to participate (email your meeting preferences to

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Live from the WAN-IFRA Study Tour

By Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association

WAN-IFRA Uppsala photo
Study tour participants with Uppsala Nya Tidning Vice President of Sales & Marketing Theo Blanco. Fifth from left is Local Media Foundation Board Chair Steve Parker.

Uppsala Nya Tidning serves the university town of Uppsala located one hour from Stockholm. Their daily has a circulation of approximately 57,000. Highlights from this very interesting visit with Theo Blanco, VP Sales & Marketing:

  • Sales reps are not allowed to sell less than 3 products.
  • They developed an in-house agency called UNiT. Product offerings include web development, mobile, TV, competitive media & more.

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Live from the WAN-IFRA Study Tour

By Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association

From meeting with Anders Berglund, Sales Director, Aftonbladet (Stockholm, Sweden)

Fascinating visit with Sweden's largest media house. Headlines include:

  • Mobile will represent $6 - $10 million Euro this year. It is "no longer a small business for us."
  • A few years ago the transformation was from print to online; today it is online to mobile.
  • has 4 M UV; mobile site is 1.8 M UV. Some early mornings and late evenings they have more visitors to their mobile site than desktop.
  • 2012 will be the first year that online revenue will surpass print for them ($50 million Euro in online; $45 M Euro in print).

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Mobile Strategies Report

"A new disruptor is about to wreak havoc... and that disruptor is mobile." ~ Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates

The latest Local Media Innovation Alliance (LMIA) report examines a number of mobile strategies being employed by local media companies. These companies are all dedicating significant internal resources to launch a mobile strategy with the understanding that the payoff/ROI will not be immediate. They are viewing this strategy as an investment in their future.

This is a great report that contains 22 pages of case study information.

A corresponding webinar is planned for May 1, 2012, at 11:00 am ET. This is an opportunity to ask specific questions and learn more about from the companies profiled in the report.

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Who says print is losing ground? At 160 pages The Landmark surely isn’t. This is the largest issue in the history of this paid circulation weekly newspaper in the Worcester, Massachusetts area. The issue included a 32-page “Hey Kids” section focused on area family activities.

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All costs covered to attend this specialized two-day symposium in Chicago

The LMA Foundation and the Associated Press Media Editors have been awarded a McCormick Foundation grant to conduct a special two-day symposium to educate community journalists on how to uncover local stories on the impacts of the current economic crisis on the mental health of North American families and their communities.

The symposium will take a deep dive into this subject and will feature top speakers from the academic world, as well as journalists who cover highly-specialized aspects of this topic. The ultimate goal is to provide scholarship recipients with a host of tools and information to better cover the topic at a local level in their communities. Follow-up webinars with symposium attendees will also be part of this comprehensive learning experience.

Scholarship applications are due by April 20; click here to access the application form. The symposium takes place July 16 - 17 in Chicago (air, hotel and meals are included). Special thanks to the Sun-Times Media Group for hosting this event.

Editors and reporters are eligible to apply. Special consideration will be given to those who are in a position to drive the coverage of this topic at their newspaper. Depending on the size of the paper, this may be the editor, an assignment editor or a reporter. These scholarships are only being awarded to community journalists who work at daily newspapers with a circulation of 100,000 or less or for weekly newspapers. A number of slots have been reserved for weekly newspaper editors and for smaller dailies under 10,000 circulation. The goal is to have a diverse audience.

For more information, click here.

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Recognizing that collaboration in the industry has never been more important, the California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA) has joined forces with the Local Media Association (formerly Suburban Newspapers of America) to offer certain products and services to their members for reduced fees and a revenue-share.

Starting now, members of CNPA will be able to participate in the following Local Media Association programs at reduced rates (lower than non-member rates):

  • Sales certification program (a joint venture between Local Media Association, Borrell Associates and Motivate America) – a true certification program that features web-based modules and a test that requires a 90% grade or higher
  • Local Media Innovation Alliance – a monthly research club that focuses on emerging trends, sustainable business models and digital revenue growth. The LMIA produces a monthly report in a case study format and includes a webinar with representatives from the featured companies. Topics include: Digital Agency, Daily Deals 2.0, Using Open Source Software, Social Strategies, Event Marketing & more.
  • Webinars – a diverse mix of training and educational webinars, including many with a revenue-growth focus.
  • Conferences – access to Local Media Association conferences and events

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