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By Tanya Henderson, Advertising & Membership Relations Director for SNA

Small and medium size business owners (SMBs) are busy people who need to streamline their advertising and someone to help make those decisions.

According to research from Belden Interactive as part of a recent SNA/Borrell Main Street Interactive webinar, business owners are only talking with one to four reps a week – walls are being put up because they just can’t talk to everyone. They are literally getting one pitch every business day. Think about it…in the old days a business decision maker may talk to a TV rep, a radio rep, a newspaper rep and their Yellow Pages rep once a year…now they are talking to them, as well as a plethora of Internet companies who are trying to get a piece of their budget. These businesses need representation.

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Exceptional opportunity to visit some of the most innovative media houses in the U.S & Canada -- Reserve your spot now as space is limited

New Business Models; Emerging Content Strategies; Digital-First Initiatives; Revenue Growth

May 1 - 6, 2011

The community media landscape continues to change. New opportunities and new technologies continue to emerge and the busy publisher is often feeling overwhelmed. Print still rules when it comes to revenue share and the digital landscape is becoming more and more fragmented with mobile and group deals emerging in the last six months as “must haves”. And still, a sustainable business model on the digital side has yet to materialize for most.

The SNA Foundation has identified media houses in North America that are making bold changes in their company to adapt to the changing landscape. All of these companies are showing early success and many of them are in the top tier of their peer class when it comes to digital revenue performance. The working tour will focus on four key areas: the most promising new business models (that are sustainable) for community media companies; emerging content strategies with a special emphasis on community contributions; digital-first initiatives (both editorial and advertising) and above all, strategies to grow revenue (in print, online and mobile).

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