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Earlier this month classified advertising professionals met in Chicago for the SNA Classified Managers’ Conference. Industry experts from throughout North America addressed all aspects of print and online classified advertising including database marketing, classified department sales structure, innovative real estate partnerships, mobile apps, growing the recruitment & automotive categories, and new private party initiatives.

As with all conferences, there were many key take-aways from this event; in fact, there were so many good ideas to share that SNA has asked several of the conference speakers to participate in a ‘wrap-up’ webinar in early December. This webinar will discuss the many valuable lessons learned during the conference.

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Suburban Newspapers of America, Inland Press and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association to Collaborate on Key Executives Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida in February

One of North America’s leading authorities on media innovation will headline the upcoming Mega-Conference designed for key executives in the newspaper industry. Clark Gilbert, President & CEO of the Deseret News Publishing Company and Deseret Digital Media, will address conference attendees on the subject of media innovation - both in principle and in practice.

Clark Gilbert photo
Clark Gilbert
Gilbert is best known in the industry as a contributor the NewspaperNext project produced by the American Press Institute. He was a founding partner of Innosight (a Boston-based consultancy that specializes in media clients targeting disruptive innovation) and professor of entrepreneurial management at Harvard Business School where he published numerous award-winning articles on innovation. He has an extensive background in digital media and also authored the book “From Resource Allocations to Strategy” in addition to numerous articles on media innovation and the growth of the internet.

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By Deborah Shaw, for the SNA Foundation

Newsonomics photo
Editors Note: This story is a follow-up to last week’s posting which delved into other points made during the recent SNA Foundation-sponsored webinar featuring noted author*, veteran editor and industry consultant Ken Doctor. Part 1 examined who’s doing what in the news business and the direction that paying for content is moving (and there’s definite movement underway). Click here to read it.

Ken Doctor’s appearance at the recent SNA-Foundation sponsored webinar, sandwiched between appearances at other domestic industry events and a trip to Singapore to, among other things, meet with the local press, was a real coup for the Foundation and for the close to 200 registrants who knew that Doctor was a man worth hearing. His intellect, fluid style, contemporary thinking on the economics of news, and industry experience combined to make him a top notch presenter in the series presented by the Foundation.

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By Deb Shaw, for the SNA Foundation

Ken Doctor photo
Ken Doctor
When the folks behind the SNA Foundation snagged noted author*, veteran editor and industry consultant Ken Doctor as a webinar presenter to discuss the Economics of News as we head into 2011, they knew they had scored a top notch thinker and news media analyst. What they didn’t realize is that Doctor would attract the largest audience in SNAF webinar history and that he would share such a valuable trove of intelligent insights, data and tips for moving into the next decade of the Digital Age.

The late October webinar, entitled Leading a Newsroom in the Digital Age: Newsonomics 2011, attracted close to 200 registrants and of those who attended and took the post-webinar survey, nearly 9 in 10 rated the presentation as very good or excellent. According to one audience member, Doctor’s sweeping update on the current state of Newsonomics, content competitors and rapidly changing technological opportunities helped underscore the urgency in making future plans and connecting with local bloggers.

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By Tanya Henderson, Advertising & Membership Relations Director, SNA

High Expectations. Maximum Effort. Well Compensated Sales Reps. Plus Revenue.
Does this resemble your company?

I had the pleasure of attending (and speaking) at the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association’s Annual Convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last week. In one of the opening sessions, Martin Till, Executive Vice President of Penn Jersey Advance spoke in no-nonsense terms about hiring the right people. Till opened his presentation recalling his own start in the industry. The job he was applying for required that he type a specific number of words per minute. As the story was told, after a couple tries he never could type that many words, but he showed his potential employer that perseverance, attitude and a wantingness to win outweighs a learned skill. Unfortunately many newspapers still follow the same old practices when hiring sales people today - which means, you may be overlooking talent. He says “attitude is everything,” and “success breeds success.” Skills are secondary and something that can be taught.

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