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by Nancy Lane, President, SNA

The following email was sent to clients of Borrell Associates. We thought it was pretty powerful stuff and wanted to share it with all SNA members. We encourage everyone to watch the video and share your feedback on our facebook page:

-Clark Gilbert photo

Clark Gilbert

I had previously sent this video link to a dozen or so SNA publishers and have been receiving feedback ever since. This one in particular sums it up best: "Nancy, I watched the Clark Gilbert one hour video yesterday and that’s all I have been thinking about for 22 hours. We have been working so hard to make incremental change and it is not going to be enough.  He both scared the crap out of me and has kicked me in the butt to do more."

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All are invited to attend this free October 21st webinar

By Deb Shaw, for the SNA Foundation

Ken Doctor photo
Ken Doctor

Noted author and veteran of the digital news industry Ken Doctor will take center stage on October 21st in the next webinar presented by the SNA Foundation. He will present Leading a Newsroom in the Digital News Decade: Newsonomics 2011 and What They Mean to You, and all are invited to attend this free webinar beginning at 2PM Eastern.

Ken Doctor is the author of the book Newsonomics: Twelve New Trends That Will Shape the News You Get and, among other appearances, recently spoke in St. Paul at The Future of News Summit on the topic of ‘Creating a New Model for Regional Journalism.’ In the SNAF October 21st webinar, Doctor will tailor his presentation to the suburban and community newspaper sector and will delve into how the local landscape in the age of hyper-competition has created a new set of strategies for editors and other newsroom leaders.

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