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With the full-force of 100% in attendance, the LMA board met, January 16 & 17, in Las Vegas, to discuss projects and to plan for the 2013 term. Chairman of the Board John Humenik opened the two-day gathering with welcoming remarks after which board member Brandon Erlacher presented a review of the board and staff’s Myers-Briggs type indicator assessment. (Fortunately, the personality make-up of the board was overwhelming suited for its tasks.) Brandishing a unique talking-stick, which bestowed its recipient with powers of the floor, Erlacher guided the group through a SWOT analysis and an evaluation of responses from the recent members’ survey. President Nancy Lane reviewed the top projects and priorities for LMA.

The second day was centered on a dialogue, and an outline, for positioning LMA for the future. Fellow board member Matt Coen and Treasurer Gordon Borrell walked everyone through this lengthy visioning and strategy process. An invigorating exchange of ideas and opinions compelled the group to contemplate a wide range of strategy and tactic options. The board and staff completed the meeting with high expectations, along with a solid plan, for securing LMA’s unique position for its members as the most innovative, educational and inspiring of media associations.

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We've put together our agenda of 11 new webinars for the first quarter of 2013, including our new 30-minute Social Media Workshop series. Almost all are free for LMA members to attend. And, all are sure to bring new revenue ideas to the table. Don't delay, check out the list and register now!

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