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Classified Avenue Guidelines

Operating Guidelines for Participating Newspapers

All LMA member papers in good standing who want to participate in Classified Avenue as a Selling Newspaper and/or as a Publishing Newspaper are eligible to do so. Participating members will be required to sign an initial enrollment and participation form and to update their records from time-to-time upon our request.

Only Selling Newspapers are eligible to earn a commission from each ad they've sold into Classified Avenue. Only Publishing Newspapers are eligible for the shared membership dues discount fund made possible from Classified Avenue revenues. Those who participate in Classified Avenue as a Selling Newspaper and a Publishing Newspaper are eligible to receive both levels of financial rewards (commissions and dues discounts from the shared rebate fund).

A range of 35-45 classified ads per week over the calendar year will be forwarded to Publishing Newspapers each Friday via FAX. These ads MUST run during the week indicated by the "run date" which appears at the top of the FAX. There is a two-week window in which the ads may appear.

Selling Newspapers must forward or FAX the ad insertion order and payment information by 5:00pm Eastern to Classified Avenue Headquarters on the Wednesday immediately prior to the Thursday of the week before the ad is released to Publishing Newspapers. Remember that payment from the Selling Newspaper (whether by check or credit card) must accompany the ad insertion order. The Classified Avenue staff will make every effort to verify your payment information and screen and approve ad copy during this time period; however, we cannot guarantee verification and approval within this time.

All ads will be screened by the Classified Avenue Headquarters staff and/or a Screening Committee and are subject to refusal. The Classified Avenue staff and/or committee will make the final decision as to whether an ad is acceptable.

Please note that you are not required to publish Classified Avenue ads that may be prohibited by law in your respective state. Since these laws may vary from state to state, you are responsible for being cognizant of these laws and making the decision as to whether to publish a particular Classified Avenue ad.

The following guidelines will be used to accept or reject ads:

  • Ads requiring the sending of money through the mail will be rejected unless as part of the ad they state: "For postage and handling." However, the ad may contain a price advertising specific merchandise.
  • "Work at home" ads, such as stuffing envelopes, may be rejected. Ads inviting information regarding "self-employment" are subject to screening, but might be accepted.
  • Ads of a personal nature, such as those seeking "companionship," as well as those of a sexual nature, will be rejected. However, ads for "nannies" upon screening might be accepted.
  • 1-800, 1-888, and 1-900 number ads that advertise legitimate products and services will be accepted.
  • All political ads must, as part of the ad, state "Paid Political Advertisement," as well as the name of the person or organization authorizing the ad.
  • Employment ads must clearly state the position available, and the salary (if stated) is to be clarified as to weekly, monthly, etc. Likewise, if a fee is required, the ad must include the word "fee."
  • Ads for palm readers, fortune-tellers, astrology, psychics and hypnotists might be rejected.
  • Ads selling information regarding government surplus, government real estate, government jobs and government vehicles must state exactly that: "Selling information." Due to individual publication and state policies, this type of ad might not be run by all Publishing Newspapers or guaranteed the full circulation.
  • "Bingo" ads will be rejected.

Results to advertisers are not guaranteed; Classified Avenue's Publishing Newspapers serve only as the carrier with no implied or written guarantees.

If, for any reason, a Publishing Newspaper does not run the ad(s) provided to them, they must call the Classified Avenue Headquarters office immediately.

Circulation is estimated to be over 7 million households. Actual readership and circulation could be considerably higher at no additional cost.

All ads must run in all the mastheads of each Publishing Newspaper that the Publishing Newspaper signed-up to participate in Classified Avenue.

Tearsheets and/or a Publisher's Statement and/or an affidavit of some kind that verify a Publishing Newspaper ran the ads they received within a given week will be requested by Classified Avenue approx. four times a year (once per quarter). Therefore, Publishing Newspapers should be prepared to fulfill this request at any time. A reasonable deadline will be given to you in which to provide this validation.

The recommended advertising rate is $1,330 for a maximum 25-word classified ad and $35 for each additional word over 25. A mandatory placement fee of $927 must be paid to Classified Avenue. Any additional revenue generated from any ads longer than 25 words must be forwarded to Classified Avenue as part of the placement fee. The mandatory words noted in these guidelines are to be counted as part of the ad. Text that qualifies as one word: Area code and telephone number; entire business name; first, middle and last name; entire street address, city, state/province, zip/postal code.

Example of a 25-word ad:

Enjoy the beauty of a mountain Colorado resort property. Two bedroom cabin located on two acres of secluded land. Only $275,000. Contact Smith Realty, 123 Maple Dr., Denver, 800-555-5555.

When placing a Classified Avenue promotional "house ad" in your publication, or publishing the recommended marketing copy in your newspapers which promotes Classified Avenue advertising opportunities, please note that these ads are not to be invoiced (billed) to either the advertiser, Classified Avenue or SNA. These ads are run by participating newspapers on a voluntary basis only in order to promote Classified Avenue and the opportunities it offers to advertisers.

Each publisher or appropriate delegate of each Publishing Newspaper and/or Selling Newspaper should notify his/her personnel in all offices of this program and the policies and rules thereof.

These are only guidelines. Classified Avenue reserves the right to develop additional rules and policies as circumstances dictate.

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