Saturday, April 19, 2014
Selling Newspapers

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Classified Avenue allows advertisers to market their products and services to over 12 million households served by over 830 Local Media Association-member suburban newspapers around North America. Classified Avenue's one-order/one-invoice/multi-newspaper placement service is the most convenient and cost-effective way for advertisers to market their products or services.

Big Commissions to Selling Newspapers with our “Reach Your Best Customers Across North America” Campaign

Want to sell Classified Avenue and increase your revenue? We can help you make it easier with a series of house ads that can be customized for your market. Available in B&W or full color the series of display and classified ads below have been designed for your use.

B&W House Ad Downloads

Full-Color House Ad Downloads


To get the pricing list and for help to kick start your Classified Avenue sales process, please feel free to contact:

Deanna Lewis
Director of Sales, Classified Avenue
Phone:  888-486-2466 
Phone:  207-384-5022 
Fax: 207-636-8042

qqxcz     Phone: (888) 486-2466

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